Extra Strong Tracking Nylon Rottweiler Leash

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  • Model: L9###1075 Police tracking nylon dog leash


Practicable Nylon Leash for Tracking and Training

Looking for a practicable multipurpose leash for your Rottweiler? Our web store is delighted to offer you this All Weather Universal Nylon Dog Leash! It is simple in design, functional, reliable and long enough to ensure effective tracking and patrolling work. Besides, it is perfect for everyday walking and training, as it is made of super strong waterproof material. Let us to turn your attention to the fact, that it can be optionally equipped with a floating brass ring on the handle, in case you would like to use it as a waist leash, when walking, training or working with your pet. We kindly ask you to read the description below to learn more about this excellent dog gear.

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Nylon Rottweiler Leash Equipped with Brass Snaphook

Nylon Rottweiler Leash with Goldish Brass Snaphook

Nylon Rottweiler Leash Equipped with Comfy Handle

Nylon Rottweiler Leash with Comfortable Handle

Key features of this Rottweiler Leash:

  • Top grade pet friendly materials
  • Brass snap hook
  • Floating ring on the handle (option)
  • 2 ply nylon heavy duty stitched
  • Rust proof fittings
  • Strong and durable
  • Pet friendly
  • All weather

Intended use of this Rottweiler Leash:

  • Walking
  • Training
  • Tracking
  • Patrolling

Sizes available:

  • 6 ft (180 cm)

Available colors:

  • Black

This Fantastic Nylon Leash is a perfect choice for walking, training and working, because:

  • It is super strong. Nylon is well known for its outstanding characteristics, namely, strength, durability, resistance to tear and wear. This Nylon Dog Lead is very flexible, but at the same time it doesn’t stretch. It can sustain the strength of your Rottweiler when he pulls hard. Special two ply threading protects the Leash from fraying and tearing apart.
  • It is water resistant. You don’t have to worry that this accessory will be ruined after using it in rainy weather. You can machine wash and dry it without any risk to damage it. Furthermore, our Nylon Rottweiler Leash is resistant to rot, mold, dew, insects and many chemicals, which makes it perfect everyday dog accessory!
  • It is equipped with rust proof fittings. Again, wet weather is no longer a problem for you and your beloved furry companion! This Exceptional Nylon Dog Lead is fitted with brass snap hook, which is light-weight, heavy-duty type, rust and corrosion resistant. Besides, it has nice golden color that looks really great!
  • It is extra long. This Top Grade Nylon Lead can be easily and effectively used for tracking, patrolling, search & rescue or any other work dog tasks, requiring long length leashes. It allows you to give your furry friend as much freedom as he needs when doing his job. Dear Customer, we believe that this dog gear is perfect for many activities, but it is up to you to make the final decision. Anyways, we believe that you will be satisfied with the quality and craftsmanship of this product!

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