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June, 14 2013

Your Rotty is no doubt a source of constant happiness for you and your family. Your heart starts beating faster when you watch him playing and jumping joyfully. The picture of running dog, who is the happiest critter in the whole universe just because you came home, can erase all the troubles and make you forget everything.
But let’s face the sad truth... life doesn’t consist only of pleasant moments. They say we are responsible for those we tamed. I know for sure that being a truly responsible owner you care about your Rottweiler and do everything for him to be healthy and happy. 
It’s not a secret that puppies are more sensitive to deseases than adult dogs. It’s vital to follow all necessary precautions to protect your “sweetie” from various hazards. Of course if you aren’t professional vet, it’s difficult sometimes to watch over everything. However, using some of our products, namely Best-quality Muzzles or Super Soft Collars you will be able to protect your precious dog for example from picking up unnecessary objects. Isn’t it what every dog owner should do? This is only one way to prevent your dog from being sick!
We do care about your dog! Starting with his comfort and up to his health and mood ;)


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The most exciting and expected occasion in our family of happy dog owners and satisfied customers is happening again! We are glad to announce that second Photo and Video Contest is a unique opportunity for you to share pictures of your gorgeous dog and win the main prize! It’s very easy to do. All you need is to upload picture or video of your pet HERE and you are already a participant! Want to win? We bet you do! Then tell your friends and relatives so they will vote for your pictures or videos. Enter today and you will have more chances to win! Your dog deserves to be admired by other dog owners!




Innovative Training System for your Rottweiler

Rotweiler is a very powerful dog and it's difficult to hold him by your side or moreover to enjoy everyday walking when he pulls hard. Is there any way out of this situation? We offer you a great one! This No Pulling Device is specially meant to prevent your Rottweiler from pulling. The Device is absolutely safe both for you and your Rotty. 

Lightweight Adjustable Leather Rottweiler Harness 

This Leather Harness is produced considering that your puppy should enjoy his childhood and become healthy and free, though obedient Rottweiler. The Harness may be used when you attend training sessions with the puppy and just to walk him outside. You will likely buy this Light Weight Puppy Leather Harness after reading more information about it.