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Dog Leashes / Leads

Leashes for dogs - is as necessary accessory as a collar.
One should be mindful when choosing a leash.
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Our Rottweiler Store offers a wide range of best dog leashes.
We offer nylon, leather, metal, tracking, couplers, over the shoulder, show and retractable /roulette leashes.
All dog leashes available in our online store are of the best quality.
Depending on your needs, we can offer you the best leashes for any situation. There are wide variety of colors and materials: leather, nylon, any length.
We guarantee that our leashes will serve you for a long time and will help you not only to control your Rottweiler, but also to single out you from the mass of other dog owners.
All the materials which are used for the production of our leashes have the best quality.
Leash - is a link between an owner and a dog.
A correctly chosen to the collar leash will not cause your Rottweiler any discomfort. That's why we have a large range of both collars and leashes.
All the hardware of our leashes is made of high quality metal, which ensures its durability and reliability. Remember that every self-respecting dog breeder/owner/trainer should have several types of leashes for different situations.
Our dog leashes combine excellent quality and low price. Do not put yourself in an awkward position, by using an ordinary fabric cord. A leash for a dog is not less important than a tie for a self-respecting businessman. A comfy process of making an order will allow you to make a purchase quickly and easily. And our consultants are always ready to assist you in choosing supplies for your pets!
Dog leashes, collars, muzzles, harnesses, training equipment and dog toys – this all is for you, dear customer!
Every dog should have a leash besides a collar. Without it, a collar becomes almost meaningless accessory, just a decoration. Dog leashes "evolved" together with collars, and today they are not only a link between a dog and an owner.
In the city, among crowd of people and heavy traffic, a leash can become a kind of "life buoy" for a dog.
Our Rottweiler leashes vary depending on the material which they are made of, as well as the sphere of their applications. It is clear that a show leash is meaningless for training.
The basic materials used for the production of dog leashes are: nylon, leather, and metal (chain).
According to the spheres of application our leashes are divided into: leashes, chains, cords, pull tabs, couplers, adjustable leashes, show and roulette leashes.
One should choose a leash consciously, taking into account the size and the age of the dog, his character and breed. It is also very important to mention about metal parts of a leash. They should be made of quality material and be welded.
The strongest dog leash loses all its advantages if equipped with weak, low-quality snap hook. In general, one can buy a snap hook separately, especially if you have a large, strong dog.
If you're looking for dog leashes that are used for training, you need nylon dog leashes.
Usually their length varies from one to twenty meters.
The price of such a leash depends on the length and reliability of a snap hook. These Rottweiler leashes are durable and can endure heavy loads.
Be careful when choosing a nylon leash - with all its beauty it has the ability to slide and burn the hands of a handler. And more, even the most durable dog leash can be easily chewed by your Rottweiler dog. Keep this in mind when tying your pet.
If you need to keep the Rottweiler on a leash for a long time periodically, use a cord with a spring-damper or chain. Do not strive for beauty and do not buy a chain made of a twisted wire. The chain must be welded. And once again - remember about secure and durable snap hook. Chain can also be used to wean the dog from biting the leash. Such leashes are usually no longer than five feet. They look organic with a metal collar.
But keep in mind that the weight of a metal leash and a collar can be heavy enough for a dog and that can discomfort him.
If you often tie your Rottweiler dogfor a short time (to enter the market, for example), it would be appropriate to use multifunctional leash. With the length of about two meters the leash is equipped with multiple rings along its length. This allows you to adjust the length of the leash quickly and easily. Over the shoulder leashes can be also used for training not very large dog breeds.
In such case, make sure that the leash is stitched with double seam and has no additional decorations, which can scratch your palms.
Roulette leashes also have an ability to change the length of the rope.
If you are the owner of a large, strong dog, you cannot do without a pull tab. This is a short leash, which usually consists of a single loop and a solid, reliable snap hook. Among the shortcomings are: short length, and no option to modify it.
If you walk with two dogs at the same time, pay attention to couplers. These dog leashes are made of a leash, which doubles at the end. The advantage of couplers is that they do not twist, as two separate leashes. Disadvantage - it is nearly impossible to walk with 2 dogs rushing in different directions.
For a dog show you will need a show leash. These are special show dog leashes, which are rather expensive and are chosen individually for each dog.
Remember that a leash - is one of the main dog supplies for controlling your dog, which may affect the safety of people around and the dog himself.

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