What if buying an adult Rottweiler?

September 16, 2021

Naturally when the desire to start keeping a dog appears in our mind (or better to say heart) we usually think of bringing to our house a puppy. Indeed, Rottweiler puppies are very cute and fluffy, looking at them one feel joy and affection. There are many reasons why people may choose puppy instead of adult Rottweiler. One of them is that most people believe that they will have less problems with the pup and will be able to raise him with certain features, they want to see in their dog.


Yes, this opinion is quite correct. But, a coin always has two sides, right? So let’s think of the opposite opinion. When getting adult Rottweiler you most likely don’t have to teach him how to behave with other people and animals, how to walk in the street or why it’s not okay to eat your favourite shoes. Of course, even adult dog can do all the aforementioned things. However, if you buy a dog from professional breeder, the risk to get dog with bad manners is low enough.


So, what’s better - to buy small puppy or adult Rottweiler? We should admit there is no 100% right answer and everybody should decide for himself. But, please consider all possible pros and cons and what if it’s really more advantageous to get an adult Rottweiler? ;)

Our Practical Nylon Harness is a unique item suitable for sledding and skijoring. The Harness has light weight and won’t be an additional “cargo” for your Rottweiler. Make your dog’s life more interesting! Show him that there are many other interesting activities except walking and training! Get this Well-made Nylon Harness and have a nice time with your dog!
We think that this Incredible Leather Collar with spikes and plates will be a nice present for your four-footed family member. The handcrafted Leather Collar is suitable both for training and everyday walking. It will give your dog a stylish and impressive look. Such Collar will favorably emphasize the natural elegance and strength of your Rotty. Order now and get a beautiful piece of handcrafted creation for your doggy!


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