Rottweiler Puppy Training Dog Bite Set


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  • Model: TE64#1075 Training set - FL tugs (4 items) TE33, TE352, TE40 + gift TT16


Set of Dog Bite Tugs with Free Ball for Rottweiler Puppy Training

Are you looking for dog equipment to train your Rottweiler puppy? Young dogs’ teeth need special supplies made of soft materials with proper filling lest a puppy would get hurt. Do you want your training sessions to be interesting and safe for your beloved Rotty? Purchase this great set of three French linen dog bite tugs and get a free training ball with a bell inside! Soft French linen is perfect for primary training sessions, and a ball will entertain your puppy and help him to develop his retrieve skills.

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Rottweiler Bite Set Made of French Linen with Free Training Ball

Rottweiler Bite Set Made of French Linen with Gift Ball

French Linen Rottweiler Bite Set Equipped with Stitched Handles

Rottweiler Bite Set Made of French Linen with Stitched Handles

Key features of this Rottweiler Bite Tug Set:

  • quality materials
  • equipped with 1 or 2 handles
  • carefully stitched along the edges
  • non-toxic stuffed

Intended use of this Rottweiler Bite Tug Set:

  • biting skills training
  • retrieve item
  • training puppy or young dog

Sizes available:

  • width - 1 3/4 (4 cm), length - 12 inch (30 cm)
  • width - 2 1/3 inch (6 cm), length - 12 inch (30 cm)
  • width - 4 inch (10 cm), length - 24 inch (60 cm)


  • French linen

Here’s what this set includes:

  • Small French linen dog bite tug with a durable handle. Designed for training puppies, this item is compact and lightweight, what also allows you to take it everywhere for everyday walking.
  • Rottweiler Bite Tug Made of French Linen with One Handle

    French Linen Rottweiler Bite Tug Equipped with Stitched Handle

  • Middle-size dog bite tug with two comfortable handles. As your puppy gets stronger, you will need more control over the direction and force of pulling. The two handles stitched along the sides of this gear will help you with it. They also keep your hands out of reach of the dog’s teeth so as not to get an accidental bite.
  • Durable bite tug for training Rottweiler puppies

    French linen puppy bite tug with 2 strong nylon handles for Rottweiler training

  • French linen bite rag for developing your puppy prey drive and having more fun. A piece of French linen cloth with a firmly stitched handle is just what you need to develop your Rottweiler hunting abilities and prey drive.
  • Durable French Linen Rottweiler Bite Tag

    Extra Durable French Linen Rottweiler Bite Rag

On purchasing this wonderful set, you also get a free rubber ball with a bell inside! It’s the best choice when it comes to retrieve training. The bright color of the ball and a loud bell will help your puppy to find this item everywhere.

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