Durable French Linen Rottweiler Play Roll


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  • Model: TE37#1075 French Linen Rolled Bite Tug (4x30 cm)


Dog Bite Roll for Developing Rottweiler Bite Skills and Playing

Your Rottweiler’s jaws are strong enough to rip any dog bite tug after a week of use? That makes training a really expensive process. Does it mean you have to stop developing his bite skills or buy him a new bite tug every week? No way, there’s a real tough cookie for your beloved pet! Get this French linen dog play roll and watch his efforts to tear it apart with no substantial damage.

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Rottweiler Puppy French Linen Bite Roll

French Linen Rottweiler Puppy Bite Roll

French Linen Rottweiler Bite Roll Equipped with Two Handles

French Linen Rottweiler Bite Roll with Two Comfortable Handles

Key features of this Rottweiler Bite Roll:

  • 100% dog safe materials
  • Durable French linen
  • 2 rope handles
  • Hand stitched at the edges

Intended use of this Rottweiler Bite Roll:

  • Puppy training
  • Stronger grip training
  • Retrieve item


  • Length - 12 inch (30 cm)
  • Diameter - 1 3/4 inch (4 cm)
  • Circumference - 6 inches (15 cm)


  • French linen

This item has no stuffing inside, it’s just a roll of French linen with stitched edges. The simplicity of the construction makes this gear a truly long lasting equipment. The diameter of this dog bite roll is 1 3/4 inch (4 cm), which is a perfect size for any Rottweiler to get a firm grip.

Equipped with two rope handles on both sides, this gear will give you more control and safety during training sessions. Keeping your hands at a safe distance from your dog’s teeth is very important not to get an accidental injury.

However, this tough dog play roll is designed to withstand only biting. Do not let your Rottweiler chew it, as chewing may shorten the lifetime of this gear.

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