Multicolored French Linen Rottweiler Toy for Training Puppies and Young Dogs


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  • Model: TE29#1075 French Linen Ball - 11 cm


French Linen Bite Dog Toy for Young Canines or Puppies

Do you want to train your Rotty while playing with him? Then try our French Linen Bite Dog Toy, which is made exactly for these purposes! It will help you to achieve good results in developing basic skills and preparing your pet for further training sessions. The toy is made of the same material as professional training sleeves and suits, so it can be used as a preliminary training tool.

Though the Dog Toy is made of French Linen, it is very durable and strong. It consists of four colored pieces carefully stitched together with a heavy-duty thread. If handled properly, it will serve you and your Rotty for a long time. Please note that, it is not recommended to let your dog chew or gnaw the toy, as it can be ruined and its pieces eaten. The filler is non toxic, yet it is not good food for your pet at all. Order this French Linen Dog Toy now and teach your pet basics, train him and just have fun playing with him!

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  • French Linen Rottweiler Bite Toy Ball for Playing with PuppyFrench Linen Rottweiler Bite Toy Ball for Training while Playing
  • Training Rottweiler Bite Toy Ball with Sturdy Nylon StringTraining Rottweiler Bite Toy Ball with Heavy-Duty Type Nylon String

Key features of this Rottweiler Toy:

  • High quality soft French Linen
  • Long tear proof nylon string
  • Stitched four colored surface
  • Stuffed with synthetic filler
  • Non-toxic material
  • Strong and durable

Intended use of this Rottweiler Toy:

  • Playing
  • Dog games
  • Training healthy prey drive

Sizes available:

  • Length of string - 16.5 inch (42 cm)
  • Ball diameter - 4.3 inch (11 cm)
  • Weight - 6.3 oz (180 gr)


  • French Linen body
  • Nylon string

It is more effective to use a toy on string, then just an ordinary dog ball, as the latter allows for a wider range of use:

The string is long enough to provide you with comfort during agility training sessions or when improving your Rotty's bite work. It is also very handy when playing with your four-footed friend, as soft ad strong nylon string allows you to tightly hold the toy, without any discomfort to your skin.

Furthermore, the French Linen Dog Toy can be used as an ordinary ball. You can tease your pet with it and throw it away to let your dog find it and bring the toy back to you. In such a way you can develop the searching skills of your dog. Well, this toy is not all about training, you can use it just for playing with your pet! What dogs don't like to play throw and fetch? Get this Multipurpose French Linen Dog Toy for your Rottweiler and enjoy training and playing with him!

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