Nylon Cord Rottweiler Leash with Brass Snap Hook


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  • Model: L20##1075 10 mm Nylon cord dog leash


Extra Durable Rottweiler Leash for Daily Activities

Is your mature Rottweiler strong enough to tear his leash? Are you tired of buying different leashes in search of the strongest one? Purchase this nylon cord Rottweiler leash with a brass snap hook and let your Rotty pull and jerk as hard as he can, as this item is virtually indestructible! Nylon is one of the toughest materials used for the production of dog training equipment, but rolled in a cord, its durability increases greatly.

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Nylon Rottweiler Leash Equipped with Brass Snap Hook

Nylon Cord Rottweiler Leash with Brass Snap Hook

Chess Ornament Decorated Nylon Rottweiler Leash

Nylon Rottweiler Leash with Chess Ornament Decorations

Key features of this Rottweiler Leash:

  • 4/5 inch (20 mm) thick best nylon
  • strong brass snap hook
  • cord type
  • chess decorative ornament

Intended use of this Rottweiler Leash:

  • tracking
  • walking
  • training
  • patrolling

Sizes available:

  • 5 ft (150 cm) long

Available colors:

  • blue / black mix
  • red / black mix

The construction is as simple as can be, thus, as durable as possible. The brass snap hook provides not only a firm connection between the leash and the dog collar, but also makes the appearance of the item more special. Under the bright sun brass shines like gold, and its color won’t fade with time. Brass is rust-free and corrosion resistant, thus, will maintain its shining look for years.

Nylon is a dog friendly material that doesn’t cause allergic reactions or any other kind of irritation. Use this leash day by day for long hours with no fear for your Rotty’s health!

The handle of this leash is a continuation of the nylon cord, which provides the gear with even more dexterity. The thickness of the cord is 2/5 inch (10 mm), just the comfortable width not to rub your hand and to let you walk your Canine as long as you both want to.

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