Rottweiler Bite Tugs Set to Diversify Training Sessions


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  • Model: SE000141075 Training set - FL tugs (7 items) TE40, 2xTE33, 2xTE34, TE35, PS0F


Set of Dog Bite Tugs for Active Rottweiler Training

Did you ever have to make a break in training your Rottweiler because you had to search for a new bite tug instead of an old one he has torn? Looking for dog equipment takes a lot of time you could spend on training, how to avoid losing precious moments? Get this mega set of dog bite tugs and forget about visiting dog equipment stores for a long-long time!

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Rottweiler Bite Set Made of French Linen with Safe Stuffing

Rottweiler Bite Set Made of French Linen with Dog-Friendly Stuffing

Lightweight Rottweiler Bite Set Made of French Linen

Lightweight and Multifunctional French Linen Rottweiler Bite Set

Key features of this Rottweiler Bite Tug Set:

  • French Linen
  • Safe for dog's teeth stuffing
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Light weight
  • Durable
  • Comfortable handles
  • Easy-to-clean

Intended use of this Rottweiler Bite Tug Set:

  • Retrieve item
  • Bite work

Set includes:

  • Puppy rag
  • Pocket toy
  • Bite tug
  • Basic sleeve
  • 3 gifts


  • French linen

This set includes 7 items, some of which are doubled so that even if one of them tears, you could have a spare one:

  • A dog bite rag for developing prey drive of both puppies and mature Rottweilers. French linen, this gear is made of, is strong enough to withstand day by day pulling and biting with no substantial damage.
  • Rottweiler Bite Rag Made of French Linen with Comfortable handle

    French Linen Rottweiler Bite Tug Equipped with Comfortable Stitched Handle

  • Two French linen pocket-size bite tugs. Lightweight and small size allows you to take one of these tugs everywhere in your bag or pocket. It’s a perfect gear to train mature Rottweilers and puppies.
  • Rottweiler Bite Tug Made of French Linen With Stitched Edges

    French Linen Rottweiler Bite Tug with Stitched Edges for More Durability

  • Two middle size 2 1/3 (6 cm) by 8 inch (20 cm) bite tugs stuffed with hypoallergenic non-toxic filling for more comfort and safety of your dog. A comfortable handle stitched along one side is meant to help you to have more control over the process of training.
  • french Linen Rottweiler Bite Tug for Retrieve Skills Development

    French Linen Bite Tug for Developing Rottweiler Retrieve Skills

  • One 2 1/3 (6 cm) wide and 12 inch (30 cm) long bite tug for developing mature Rottweilers bite skills. Hold this gear by its handle to avoid accidental injuries.
  • Rottweiler Bite Tug Made of French Linen with Non-Toxic Stuffing

    French Linen Rottweiler Bite Tug with Dog-Friendly Stuffing

  • A bite training sleeve made of durable French linen. Wear it on your arm, or hold it by the handle to make your training sessions more interactive and effective.
  • Rottweiler Bite Sleeve Made of French Linen with Reliable Handle

    French Linen Rottweiler Bite Sleeve with Durable Stitched Handle

All the items are made of French linen. This material is an excellent choice for producing dog training equipment because of its safety for the dog’s health and good wearing qualities. No matter how hard your Rottweiler pulls, it will be difficult for him to rip products made of French linen.

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