Rottweiler French Linen Bite Rag for Everyday Training and Fun


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  • Model: TE40#1075 French Linen Rag


Dog Training Rag for Rottweiler Prey Drive Development

Developing your Rottweiler bite skills and prey drive is an inevitable part of daily training. But using the same dog bite tug day by day may turn training sessions into a tiresome routine and your dog may lose interest in it. Do not loose your time and effort! Get this French linen training dog bite rag!

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Durable French Linen Rottweiler Bite Tag

Extra Durable French Linen Rottweiler Bite Rag

Rottweiler Bite Rag Made of Lightweight French Linen

Lightweight Rottweiler Bite Rag Made of French Linen

Key features of this Rottweiler Bite Rag:

  • Durable French linen material
  • Light weight
  • One comfortable handle
  • Stitched for additional strength

Intended use of this Rottweiler Bite Rag:

  • Bite skills improvement


  • Width - 4 inch (10 cm)
  • Length - 24 inch (60 cm)


  • French linen

Your dog will have much more fun training with this gear, together with developing his skills. French linen is a tough yet gentle to the dog’s teeth material, used for the manufacturing of professional dog training equipment. This item is the best choice when it comes to developing prey drive, because waggling a rag in your hand stimulates a dog for an immediate attack. Your hands will be safe if you use the stitched handle to hold this dog bite rag.

French linen is a non-toxic and hypoallergenic material, so use this gear to train both mature Rottweilers and puppies with no fear for the dog’s health. The only thing that may quickly damage this gear is chewing, so, do not let your Rottweiler play with it unattended to prolong the lifetime of this dog bite rag.

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