Wonderful Rottweiler Kibble Holder Made of Soft Rubber (Medium)

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  • Model: TT42#1075 Everlasting Treat Wheeler


Ribbed Dog Treat Holder for Dental Hygiene

Your Rottweiler loves you so much that he’d like you to pay him all your attention and spend all your free time with him? It’s natural and cute, but sometimes disturbing, isn’t it? Would you like to find some gear that would occupy your pet for long hours, be safe and even useful? Get this high quality Rottweiler treat dispenser made of special dog friendly rubber! It’s meant for dogs who suffer from boredom behaviors and those who gulp their food too fast.

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Key features of this Rottweiler Treat Holder:

  • Special rubber
  • Holds a variety of treats
  • Dog-friendly
  • No latex, phthalates and vinyl
  • Time-proof

Intended use of this Rottweiler Treat Holder:

  • Encourages play
  • Reduces anxiety and boredom behaviors
  • Can be used for interactive chewing challenge

Sizes available:

  • Medium - 2 2/5 inch x 4 2/5 inch (6 cm x 11 cm)
  • Weight - 250 g


  • Special Rubber

This dispenser will be one of your Rotty’s favorite toys! Fill it with his tasty kibbles or insert an everlasting treat and let him chew the gear trying to take out the yummies. While he chews, the special ribbed surface takes care for his dental hygiene and provides his gums with soft massage. The treats will fall out one by one, stimulating him to keep on chewing. In such a way it will take him much more time to have a snack than usual.

On the other way, while he’s fully occupied with chewing, you may have some time for yourself. If your Canine starts pushing and rolling the dispenser on the floor, it will make not a sound because of the soft rubber it's made of. This rubber is approved by the veterinarians for containing no harmful chemical additives that would cause allergy or skin irritation.

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Small - 1 3/5 inch x 3 inch (4 cm x 7,5 cm) Multifunctional Rottweiler Kibble Holder (Small)
Large - 2 4/5 x 5 4/5 inches (7 x 14,5 cm) Soft Rubber Rottweiler Treat Holder (Large)
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Interactive Rottweiler Treats - 2/5 lbs (160 g) Dog Treats for Using with Rottweiler Treat Holders
Medium Everlasting Treat - 1 3/5 x 3 1/5" (3 x 6 cm) Dog Treat for Using with Rottweiler Treat Holders - Medium

Take a look at medium treat dispensing toy in 3D

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